Good-Bye Canada and Thanks for the Good Mojo

By Catherine Breese and Bryan Ward

cottage backyard

Here are a few things we learned during our stay in Canada:

An outdoor shower is not as good as it sounds.

Canadians hate Canadian Geese, too.

The spiritual experience of seeing the sun rise wears off after about four days.

Burning a huge pile of brush can be scary, and super-fun.

The automatic ice maker is, indeed, the greatest invention of the 20th century.

Farmers in Canada are not allowed to use hormones in any livestock production. Yay, Canada!

All 5.5% beer is equally bad. It just seems like they’re not even trying.

Canadians have neat and tidy yards—all of them. Canadians don’t tailgate and they always return their shopping carts to the corral.

Staring at a large body of water is a soul-filling activity, especially with a cocktail in hand.

Man cannot live on fish and chips alone, but he can try.

A rock in your shoe tests your laziness vs. pain threshold.

Self-composting toilets…think about it.